Our Mission

The mission of Classic Legacy Thoroughbred Aftercare (CLTA) includes protecting the legacy of former racing Thoroughbreds by providing a quality of life through rehabilitation, retraining, rehoming and retirement sanctuary.


Thoroughbreds come to CLTA from various backgrounds. Some horses are at the end of their racing

careers, while others may come from schools or private owners who are not able to maintain or

rehabilitate them.


When each horse arrives at CLTA, they are fully assessed by our staff and veterinary team including a thorough examination of each horse’s history and current physical/mental state for a holistic approach

to the rehabilitation program. Tailored plans will be created to guide our trained and experienced staff

to carry out the rehabilitation process, so the horses can heal and progress to the retraining part of the

program. CLTA Thoroughbreds may also qualify, based on the nature of the rehabilitation required, for an exciting and unique rehabilitation collaboration program with Virginia Equine Therapies, a nonprofit corporation. This venture will enable joint horse-human rehabilitation offerings that match both the needs of the horse and their human counterparts.


Once a horse’s rehabilitation requirements are assessed and all relevant retraining goals are achieved,

CLTA will develop an individualized retraining course based on the ultimate goals for placement and

the specific needs of each horse.



Program Outline:

  • Stage One is the beginning of the re-schooling period in which the horse will acclimatize to its new environment with regards to routine, feed, and psychological adjustment to the new expectations surrounding its rehabilitation and training.

  • Stage Two is a progression to flatwork skills and relearning with a trainer and rider. Enhanced capabilities and tailored skills will be developed to ease the transition of the horse to its new life.

  • Stage Three is the equivalent to a finishing school for our horses which oversees specialized skill training, and/or general pleasure and trail riding behaviors.


Stage progression is continually monitored and reevaluated based upon the horse’s aptitude for the skills and abilities, and which will aid in the decision of whether or not the horse can be rehomed or will stay at the CLTA retirement sanctuary.



Following rehabilitation, retraining and final evaluation, each horse who is able to will be rehomed to a home that matches both the horse and owner’s needs. In order to ensure a healthy and happy rehoming relationship is maintained, necessary follow-ups, training classes and specialized courses will be made available to the new owner.


CLTA’s retirement sanctuary will be a permanent home for those horses with special physical or psychological needs which prevent them from being rehomed.